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satanssecret13's Journal

13 February 1989
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A little about me? Well, there's more than a little you'd have to know to really know anything about me. When I was younger, I had a hard time getting by in life--whether it be the nightmares in the middle of the night or my mother (my personal 'boogie-man'). As I got older, I got angry. Not sad. Angry.
After the anger passed through, I was mostly numb, which made me angry, so I had a bit of a bi-polar war in my mind. I took everything lightly. Nothing really mattered.
I failed school--not really failed, but I didn't graduate. After my Junior year, I just didn't care anymore. I had so many chances, but I let them all slip by. I just wanted to have fun--my last year for it. I did, I guess. There were ups and downs. Granted, I'm used to that rollercoaster by now, but regardless... it didn't get much better.
Now, I regret a lot of things I've done in my past--things I didn't do as well--but I live life day by day, hoping each day that the next is better than the present one I live.
Hope really is the only thing that keeps me going--that and my father. If it wasn't for my daddy, I'd have long since been gone from this world... but we won't delve that deep.
I don't really fear much, though, I don't care to have to encounter quite a few things--ei: the dark, people jumping out at me when I walk the streets at night, the woods, etc, etc... Not scared, but not willing to risk being caught off guard, I guess.
Other than that, all else you really have to know is that I can have a thick head at times. Other times, I can be as wise as anyone who's lived 100 years... I guess it all depends on what my "rollercoaster's" level is.